Personalized Medicine

One size doesn’t fit all. That is obvious, but in conventional medicine, this is the most common approach!

A handful of drugs for high blood pressure are used to treat millions of patients! That doesn’t work! It is why some patients are placed on 2-3 drugs for each condition they have. One pill doesn’t work, so a second pill it is added. Conventional doctors are simply chasing symptoms, but not addressing the root cause. Rarely, elevated blood pressure is due to individual genetic variants -but those are simply bends in the road that can be avoided once those variances are identified. For an example, some people have a genetic variant that causes them to have significant blood pressure effects from coffee! They can have one or two cups of coffee, but they will have elevated blood pressure for the entire day! Once they give up the caffeine, they no longer have high blood pressure! Problem solved. Other people can drink coffee all day with no blood pressure issue at all, so another cause needs to be explored….

High blood pressure is merely a symptom of underlying imbalances. There are dozens of factors that can lead to high blood pressure. Targeting those imbalances should be the focus of your personalized treatment plan to reverse the symptom of elevated blood pressure. Medications only block the pressure temporarily; nothing is cured, instead other secondary side effects are the result. Soon, you will be taking another medication to treat the side effects!! The body elevates the blood pressure for a reason- it is a response to something. That “something” is either too much of something bad: salt, lead, hardened arteries, sugar, stress, pain, sleep apnea, angiotensin or too little of something good: magnesium, potassium, nitric oxide, vitamins, minerals, deep sleep, anti-oxidants, exercise and healthy oils. The goal in personalized medicine is to identify and address all the different factors to restore optimal health and function- not just chase symptoms and cause more.

We are all individuals in our genetic variation, environmental exposures, nutritional fortification, stress load, parental expectation, cultural expectation, socio-economic factors, family history, physical activity, and prior medical interventions . Dr. Cocke analyzes genomics, metabolomics, biomics, proteonomics, nutrition , lifestyle, stress, family history, diet, activity , professional ( job exposures) to individualize your optimal intervention to preempt risk factors and bypass the traditional notion of inheritable diseases and a pill for every ill.

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