There are many different symptoms that have been described from either Covid infection or Covid vax complications. You are not alone. Up to 15% develop Mast Cell Activation or Innate Immune Activation, some studies have shown. I will describe more about this below. Others still complain of muscle aches, fatigue, exercise intolerance, shortness of breath, low grade fevers, or shingles flaring.. If you are having these symptoms , you should be evaluated. We are learning more about the toxic effects of the spike protein itself- some people can have both direct and indirect activation of their innate immune system that is pervasive. Some of the symptoms of innate immune activation:, fatigue, itchiness, hives, rashes, dizziness, heart palpitations, brain fog, shortness of breath, worsening food allergies or food sensitivities, sinus symptoms, bloating diarrhea, GERD symptoms. Others have suppression of their cellular immune system and natural killer cell population. If this occurs, they can have recurrent infections and reactivation of latent viruses can resurface. There are treatments – both pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical- that can help. Book your appointment today.

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