Emotional Well Being

We have a new world now. Even before this “world turned upside down“ fiasco of the Covid 19 Intrusion into our lives- we were already a society with record breaking usage of anti-anxiety, anti depressants, and adhd medications. Anxiety, depression, brain fog, adhd, and irritability are some of the most common complaints I hear in my practice. Why? Well, it is related to your gut biome! Did you know that you have an enteric nervous system that rivals your central nervous system? Translation- your gut truly is like a brain! Some scientists have referred to your gut as your second brain! Indeed there are 100 million neurons in the gut-far more than in the spinal cord!

95% of the body’s happy peaceful neurotransmitter serotonin is made in the gut first- then transported to brain! But if there is a gut imbalance , then the synthesis of the peaceful, joyful, laughing neurotransmitter (serotonin) will be diverted instead to an anxiety-provoking, insomnia causing, irritability provoking chemical in the brain!

Yes, stress, processed foods, antacids, birth control pills, acne medication, antibiotics, mold exposure, poor digestion and constipation can contribute to an unhealthy gut biome which causes anxiety, brain fog, fatigue and mood disorders. These are all modifiable risk factors! Have hope! Those butterflies in your gut, the feeling of dread in your gut, the hollow feel in the pit of your stomach, the constant hunger, the constant gnawing…these are all signs of an imbalanced second brain.. Call us to cultivate your biome and harmonize your health!

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