Hormone Balancing

Our hormones control every aspect of our life, just like our immune system. Hormone balance is dynamic, meaning hormones are turned on and off depending on the milieu, energy levels, and stress levels. Hormones are in constant flux and there is cross talk between the immune system and the endocrine system. In times of low energy state, or blood sugar dysregulation, or stressful environment, hormone balance will reflect a fight or flight pattern, rather than a homeostatic one that optimizes bone, muscle and sex organ development. Hormones must be balanced to achieve optimal peace, harmony and health.

Did you know that some clinicians, like myself, consider your muscle tissue to be your largest endocrine gland? Did you also know that your abdominal fat, your spare tire, is also a cytokine spewing angry inflamed endocrine gland? Your sex hormones are part of a pathway that manages blood sugar, salt balance, calcium balance, blood pressure balance. If there is stress, your hormones will prioritize the stressful hormones that increases cortisol, blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate and down regulates the anabolic or tissue restoring hormones like sex hormones, myokines, and growth hormones. This can lead to maturational defects, infertility, fatigue, poor sleep, muscle wasting, thyroid disease, menstruation problems, obesity, diabetes, cancer and many other chronic health conditions.

Hormones must be balanced. Your metabolism of hormones must also be properly established before considering taking extra hormones. First, you should maximize and optimize your own production and then, and only then, consider taking carefully monitored hormones ensuring that your personal levels are optimal and that you metabolize these hormones so that you are not creating more problems than you are solving.

Dr. Cocke believes that one dose does not fit all and hormones must be tailored to symptoms , risk factors and metabolism. Your levels should be measured and followed to make sure you are safely metabolizing them and have optimal, protective and safe levels. Improperly balanced hormones can lead to Endocrine Dysfunction, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Diabetes, Acne, Cognitive Defects, Emotional Instability, Mood Disorders, Sleep Apnea, Infertility, Chronic Fatigue, Dementia or Cancer.

Get harmonized and balanced today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Bio-Identical hormones better than the pill or pharmaceutical hormones?

Bio-Identical hormones activate the proper receptor that your own endogenously made (naturally made ) hormones trigger. Bio-Identical hormones are titrated to your exact needs and given in perfect quantities- just like (some of you) you made perfectly in your teens, 20s and 30s. The pharmaceutical drugs are actually endocrine disruptors and are manufactured to block a certain symptom or function ( pregnancy for example). They do not maintain a harmonious balance! Those non-identical horse urine drugs are not helping to balance the proper symphony of hormones that maintain proper cognition, metabolism, immune function and physical structure required for optimal aging. Balanced bio-identical hormones are essential to maintain high quality of life. You would not settle for old age vision, why do you settle for old age hormone levels? We age because our hormone levels fall- get balanced today!

Who should take Bio-identical Hormones?

Anyone with a deficiency!! After checking labs for actual hormone levels, any woman or man who is deficient in hormones like Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Pregnenolone and thyroid hormone…..should optimize those hormones. Multiple studies have linked cardiovascular disease, weight gain, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, joint pain, sleep problems, fatigue, depression, anxiety, memory problems- even dementia and neuro-degeneration with suboptimal unbalanced hormones! Think of hormone replacement as preventative medicine! Levels of hormones should be personalized and measured. Additionally, your individual metabolism of the hormones should be checked for safety. One size doesn’t fit all!

Will I lose weight if I start taking hormones?

If you are overweight with a spare tire around your middle, then yes you are likely to lose that “inflamma-fat “ as I call it. Hormones, as well as other peptides, and immune cells regulate your metabolism. Imbalanced hormones will cause inflammatory fat to build up around your organs internally and cause a spare tire around your middle. This “inflamma-fat” is the BASIS for most chronic diseases today like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and pain and inflammation. However, if you are thin and wasting and have muscle wasting and thin osteopenic bones- then the hormones can allow you to maintain ideal, healthy weight and increase your bone density and muscle mass! Get your hormones checked today!

Will hormones help my pain?

Yes! Hormones are anti-inflammatory! Hormones also regulate metabolism that is directly related to immune function and inflammation. This is why some woman and men start to experience more pain and fatigue in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Before you reach for toxic NSAIDS like ibuprofen, get your hormones checked! Feel great again.

Why are hormones considered Anti-aging?

Each of the hormones have particular checks and balances to maintain healthy immune function, mitochondrial function, bone mineralization, calcium metabolism, neuronal function, skin and cartilage integrity. If hormones are suboptimal, the housekeeping of your body is compromised. You cannot burn your fat, repair your joints, maintain optimal body temperature, repair your endothelium, maintain muscle mass and strength, control blood sugar and control inflammation…You will gradually gain weight, become inflamed, have decreased immune function, decreased muscle mass with increased fat mass, loss of vision, cognition, strength and mobility…We age because our hormone levels drop…It is never too early or too late to start your personalized Anti- Aging regimen!

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