Did You Know That Medications Can Cause Nutrient Depletions?

Did you know that your birth control or hormone replacement therapy can cause critical micronutrient deficiencies in your B vitamins (and minerals ) and increases risk of hypothyroidism depression and anxiety?

Your statin medication can deplete you of critical heart and nerve nutrients like Co Q10 and Omega 3s?

Your PPI ( acid blocker) can cause multiple nutrient deficiencies of iron, calcium , zinc, magnesium and others.

You must discuss these depletions with your pharmacist and your doctor- make sure they are cognizant of the depletions..and correct them. Medications cause side effects – and those are usually related to these depletions or toxicity of the metabolites of the drug itself. Do your homework with your medications..Even aspirin can cause micro-ulcerations of your small bowel which can lead to inflammation and deficiencies. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) depletes you of glutathione which is a critical anti-oxidant and detoxification molecule..

The list is very long- hypertensive medications often deplete zinc, anti- depressants deplete folate..the result is that the original condition for which the medication was started – is actually made worse..by the medication. Shocking indeed. The goal is to remediate the condition that causes the drug to be prescribed so you no longer need it!! Otherwise, you are in a cascade of new ongoing symptoms caused by your medications. Contact our office today at 323-538-0144!

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