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Many biological markers predict disease 5-10 years before symptoms present. If you knew you had a marker that predicted you have an 85% likelihood of dying from a cardiovascular event, in 5 years, but you could change that outcome by modifying your lifestyle -would you want to know it? If you had measurable lab tests (markers ) that predicted your risk of autoimmunity 10 years before symptoms - so that you could steer your life choices in opposite direction-would you? Dr. Cocke is proactive in delineating your precise and personalized risk profile based on genetics/family history, lifestyle, etc.. After gathering this comprehensive information, she will then expertly navigate you through the overwhelming lists of comprehensive, specialty labs that have therapeutic significance, yet many are expensive and may not have insurance coverage. The goal is to check only those labs that give actionable options to prevent as best as possible an unexpected diagnosis of a scary disease years before it manifests. Using this data bank of information, she will help you steer your life in a healthy direction. From hormone testing, heavy metals, nutrition, stool, organic acids testing,( oat), bio markers, standard labs, food sensitivity...etc. there is an incredible amount of information to be garnished. You do not have to suffer the same fate as your relatives, because of your genes and environment. Instead, you will master the perfect individualized DNA that you were born with and maneuver through this toxic world as healthily as possible, armed with key knowledge about yourself that makes a difference in health and harmony.

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