Bloating & Abdominal Discomfort

Bloating, gas, burping, belly pain, and constant belly distension can be caused by numerous  factors- here is a but a few:  

• Infectious gastroenteritis   

• Food poisoning 

• Recent antibiotic usage 

• Food sensitivity/Allergy 




• Dysbiosis 

• Hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid or antacids) 

• Medication side effect 

• Hormone imbalance 

• Metabolic abnormalities 

• Neuropathy/Dysautonomia 

Treatment for all of these conditions is very different. If you are having continual ongoing  abdominal symptoms- it is very important that you seek treatment because nearly all diseases  are rooted in gut abnormalities. Your digestive tract must combat microorganisms, digest food,  transport micronutrients, provide substrate for energy production, provide biosynthetic  scaffolding for hormone production and cellular repair. Everything must be in order! If you are  having these symptoms- please contact our office for an appointment today! Let’s get to the  root of the problem and fix it!

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