Lifestyle Management

The environment, dietary regimen, medications, nutritional deficiencies ,stressors, sleep hygiene, pain level, exercise habits, relationships, genetic susceptibility and spiritual habits all determine the majority of chronic illnesses prevalent today. Astonishingly, with a few changes of any, or all of these categories causes a snowball improvement in a cascading fashion. In other words a little bit of change in a few areas compounds the benefit! There is not one diet that is beneficial to everyone.. Dr. Cocke will personalize a program that is specific for your current energy level, pain level, medication list, profession, past toxic exposures and ongoing exposures, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic and detoxification function, elimination function and most importantly a program that works with your busy lifestyle. We are all different and we all need a personalized treatment plan that includes multiple aspects of your life - not just a prescription to take medications to chase symptom.

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