Immunity & Inflammation

A healthy immune system is a core pillar of optimal health. Proper inflammatory responses provide broad spectrum protection against infections and orchestrate long-term adaptive immunity toward specific germs as well as maintaining robust repair of all tissues. In contrast, chronic and uncontrolled inflammation often inflicts severe tissue damage resulting in major pathogenicity from overzealous immune responses. An improper immune response is at the heart of every disease process! Even a heart attack is basically an improper immune response and repair process!

The immune system has many roles: Defense , Repair, Energy Balance, Growth and Differentiation and Homeostasis...

  • A balanced immune system goes unnoticed in your life, in other words you handle minor illnesses easily, your wounds repair seemingly miraculously, you have energy to work and play, you have joy and peace and deep restorative sleep.
  • However, you have none or very little of those benefits if you have an imbalanced, dysregulated or deficient immune system. Instead, your life is wracked with recurrent infections, allergy, autoimmunity, chronic pain, diabetes, debilitating fatigue, cardiovascular disease, dementia or cancer.
  • All of these conditions are related to an improper immune response to your body’ s ecosystem. In other words, your individual genetic makeup, environment, nutrition status, physical activity, and sleep hygiene all factor in to determine your immune response. If you are born with an immune deficiency, you may be missing certain key cell lines or immune fighting proteins (or defending soldiers to keep it simple). Depending on what the deficiency is determines what your symptoms are.
  • Frequent upper respiratory infections, ear infections, tonsillitis, gastroenteritis, food allergy may be secondary to IgA deficiency for example. Other types of immune deficiency can lead to profound debilitating fatigue - one type may not even appear until your 4th decade! However, for the majority of the population, unhealthy lifestyle is the trigger for unhealthy immune responses!
  • Yes, your food choices, exercise habits and sleep can be the trigger of your thyroid dysfunction or your hormone imbalance! The immune system rules how you heal and repair. Poor healing leads to chronic inappropriate inflammatory response and that is what we label as a specific disease. For example, arthritis is chronic inflammation in a joint space. Rather than addressing the healing response, conventional medicine practice simply blocks the pain symptom, but does not address the root cause.

There are many actionable items Dr. Cocke can utilize to modify your inflammatory responses thereby making (incredible, phenomenal ) improvements in your health, wellbeing, energy, pain, illness, and vitality. You can do it! Arm and balance your Immune system!! Let it work for you - not against you!

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