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My goal here at ADVANCED MED OC is to help patients find the root cause of their illness instead of shuffling between specialists to get strong medications for symptom relief only. I help my patients bring back immunological tolerance, decrease inflammation and restore vitality by removing the multiple different factors that led to their imbalance. Only 15 % of diseases have a genetic basis, the overwhelming majority of illnesses are caused by modifiable factors that include environmental exposures, dietary intolerances, micronutrient deficiencies, digestive dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and chronic inflammation - to name a few. Systematically, we ameliorate the risk factors..Astonishingly, the body is incredibly resilient! I have seen chronic inflammatory conditions disappear at best, significantly improve at the very least. There are so many tools that we can use to restore the body’s strength, tolerance, immunity, function, and balance.

I consider myself to be an Inflammation Specialist Expert who can treat inflammation of all kinds in all age groups, because disease can be distilled to: too much of something bad and/or not enough of something good. I have been trained in General Pediatrics, Specialty Pediatric and Adult Allergy Immunology and Functional Medicine to name a few of my multiple Board certifications because it gives me unique fundamental understanding from cradle to grave of the role of inflammation in health in all stages of life. Inflammation is simply an unbridled immune system fighting the wrong target or an anergic immune system failing to protect. I have been trained in multiple disciplines, because I want to understand all components of illness. I love the physiology, the metabolic pathways, the cascade of inflammatory mediators, but I also understand the emotional and spiritual component of disease. It is why illness commonly follows a great emotional loss or disturbance. All these must be factored into our individualized and personalized treatment plan. Here at Advanced Med, we treat you as the special individual that you are by taking into account all your very unique exposures and genetics. We treat your body like an ecosystem: We Cultivate your Biome and We Harmonize your Health to restore your vitality and peace of mind.

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