Healthy Aging & Prevention

Another term for aging could be Inflama-aging. New evidence supports the concept that one of the causes of aging is really secondary to ongoing inflammation and that leads to a term called cellular senescence. In other words , at the cellular level, if the metabolic machinery is dysfunctional - the cell will transform into a terminal cell. This terminal cell stops functioning properly, and in fact, can become a spewing inflammatory cell which further increases inflammation and worse, it poisons nearby stem cells that are there to regenerate tissue! Dr. Cocke will work with you to identify warning markers and modifiable triggers to enable you to make wise choices in your life starting at any age, to reduce your risk of morbidity and mortality. Dr. Cocke prefers to take a risk reduction approach , rather than just palliating your symptoms after disease has already affected you. There are many warning signs and risk factors that can be addressed years before diseases like cardio vascular disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and dementia occur. Dr. Cocke will help you to the best of her ability, to age healthily, painlessly and gracefully and preserve your vision, mobility, cognition, functionality, spirit and purpose for as long as possible.

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