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Dr. Cocke along with my urologist have kept my bladder cancer at bay For the last 2 1/2 years. She is phenomenal, caring, smart, and she knows her stuff. I treasure her expertise and advice. There are not enough superlatives to show my appreciation . I am grateful that I found her. I love her and have recommended her to many people. She has helped all of them!

Connie B

Susan Cocke, MD, is very caring, scientifically knowledgeable, thorough, a beautiful person – inside and out, and extremely humble. I love her and recommend her for your medical care.

Kathy Vasquez Vargas

Dr. Susan Cocke approaches allergies in a natural and holistic way that deems to be overall healthier for the body. She assesses each option before resorting to allergy shots. I recommend her services to anyone who has been tackling allergies al of their lives.

Antony Taamneh

Dr. Cocke is the most caring and thorough doctor we have ever met. We never feel rushed and she always takes her time with answering all our questions.

Dani Corr

Dr Susans way of diagnosis is remarkable. I love that she prescribes the all batural supplements instead of the chemical filled medicines. I will surely recommend her to all my friends who needs the natural way of staying healthy and allergies free life.

Cory Key

I have been seeing Dr. Susan Cocke for approximately eight months after a very severe allergic reaction. She has helped me with my medical issues more then any of my other doctors. Her approach with treating the “whole” patient is refreshing. I’m so thankful to have her in my life.

Dana Hallock

Dr. Cocke is a physician like no other. She has been treating my son for the last 5 years. She is compassionate, kind, loving, scientific and smart. She allows adequate time for me to express my concerns and listens in a caring and compassionate way. She is so knowledgeable about my sons many conditions and proposes treatment options that have helped to heal my son, not just by using traditional pharmaceuticals (as needed), but has brought healing to his little body and mind biomedically as well. She is filled with passion and optimism but she is very scientific and orders all of the tests needed to dig deeper for my son’s well being. I could not say enough good things about Dr. Cocke and her level of compassion, knowledge and superior care.

Xaviera Pepe

Dr Cocke is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I have ever worked with. She has been able to take 2 problems and find a common denominator. She also can just talk with you for a few minutes while studying you, and have suggestions to make you better. Dr Cocke can deal with a variety of issues. She has helped me tremendously. In November I was at my wit’s end – no energy, feeling lousy, lots of infections (sinus), barely able to get through a day. 6 months later both my energy and digestion have greatly improved, and my immune system is definitely better. I am very grateful for Dr Cocke.

Barbara Christian

Dr. Cocke, MD has been a God-send for my allergy concerns. She has taken my knowledge and expanded it while in the process of advancing my wellness. Her guidance has been the missing link for me to achieve overall better health, reduced or eliminated medications, and managing my allergies. Her positive attitude, wealth of knowledge and compassionate care are refreshing in the medical world. She is invested in her patients.

Daphne Hayes

Dr Cocke is amazing!!! She really knows her stuff and then some. This is the first time I’ve sat with a doctor who truly “gets it”. For the first time in a long time, I actually have hope!!!

Larry Siratt

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