Dementia, Cognitive Decline and Decreased Neurological Function

Are you losing your memory or a loved one is? There are multiple causes of cognitive decline, neuro-degeneration and dementia. There is a spectrum of symptoms from simple forgetfulness, memory loss, disorientation, weakness, loss of mobility, loss of executive function, loss of independence to severe dementia like Alzheimer’s disease. We therefore, need to approach cognitive decline, decreased mental acuity, brain fog or severe dementia with a multifactorial approach. Very rarely would there be a single factor, a single gene, or toxin that is the sole cause of Alzheimer’s disease for example. Rather, the degeneration occurred years before as the result of chronic inflammation, hyperglycemia, chronic infection that was never dealt with and addressed. The brain can simmer for decades then Alzheimer’s is the result.

I could write a chapter on the dozens of individual factors, let alone the combination of these factors, that accelerates the process cognitive decline. The good news is that there are just as many lifestyle modifications and interventions that can thwart the development of neuro- degeneration and mental deterioration, if initiated early enough. These interventions have some success even well into the disease process for patients so they are well worth trying.

Conventional medical approach to cognitive decline has been abysmal at best. However, there are some new non pharmaceutical therapies undergoing vigorous study and scrutiny even as I write this. For example, at the Ohio State University School of Medicine, an implant for Parkinson’s disease is having some phenomenal succession restoring mobility! While at the same time, at other institutions, there is tremendous success with cannabis for Parkinson’s disease and autism! Peptides, stem cells and exosomes are being studied currently as well, for improving brain inflammation, memory and function!

The following list below includes just some of the key factors that must be addressed if you or your loved one is experiencing decline in brain, nerve or memory function, in no particular order:

1. Acute Stressful event: loss of spouse, child, pet, job, house is a major trigger of reversible
cognitive decline.
2. Chronic or Acute Depression
3. Nutrient Deficiency: There is a long list of nutrients that could cause significant dysfunction if
body levels are not optimal: B12, Co Q10, Iron, Ferritin, Zinc , Lithium, Folate, B vitamins,
Magnesium, Vit D to name just a few.
4. Vascular Inflammation
5. Thyroid Disease
6. Chronic Infection in gut, skin, mouth or brain.
7. Trauma
8. Subdural hematoma
9. Hyperglycemia or Diabetes
10. Sleep apnea
11. Elevated Homocysteine or Oxalates
12. Oxidative Stress
13. Fatty Acid Imbalances
14. Insomnia or poor sleep or even sleep position is a major factor
15. Dehydration
16. Candida
17. Mold exposure or Lyme disease
18. Metabolic Dysfunction : blood glucose dysregulation
19.Poor Diet
20. Environmental Toxins
21. Gum Disease

All of these risks must be addressed with a personalized individual treatment plan to maintain optimal brain function. It is never too late to start!

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